DynaEnergetics introduces DS Gravity 2.0 and sets a new standard in oriented perforating systems

HOUSTON, June 07, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- DynaEnergetics today introduced DS Gravity™ 2.0, the most compact, self-orienting perforating gun in the oil and gas industry.

DS Gravity™ 2.0 is a length-optimized, self-orienting gun system designed to save time, increase perforation efficiency and produce more profitable wells. The patented design relies on gravity to orient the internal components, eliminating the need for orienting subs, swivels and eccentric weight bars. This second generation of the DS Gravity system features the shortest gun body on the market, enabling customers to increase the total gun count in their perforating strings.

“Building upon the industry’s first self-orienting gun, DS Gravity™, we are excited to release this new generation, which offers improved bearing performance, simplified internals, and reduced overall length,” said Patrick Armstrong, President of the Americas for DynaEnergetics. “In addition, we can now offer our full portfolio of shaped charges, including the new Oriented FracTune (OFT), designed specifically for oriented perforating. This has truly been a team effort, from design to field testing to full commercialization and production. We look forward to raising the bar in oriented perforating.”

For more information about how DynaEnergetics provides innovation without compromise, stop by our booth at URTeC 2023 (booth #242) taking place June 13-15 in Denver, Colorado, visit www.dynaenergetics.com, or call our toll-free customer service number 1.844.BUY.DYNA.

About DynaEnergetics
DynaEnergetics, a business of DMC Global Inc., provides innovative perforating systems that make a measurable impact on well productivity, completion cost and safety. As the only global perforating manufacturer that designs, manufactures and qualifies all of its equipment and accessories in-house, DynaEnergetics ensures unmatched performance and the lowest total cost of operations. For more information, visit www.dynaenergetics.com.

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